About Goats Meat UK

Goats Meat UK

Yorkshire Goats Meat and Boer Goats

We have a small Farm in Leeds with just over 15 acres, these are divided into six fields, which are used for hay and grazing for our Boer Goat Herd. We have run a dairy goat farm for 24 years prior to starting the Goats Meat Boer Goats herd.

The Goats are fed a special goat mix, oats and hay, and graze on our fields and hedgerows during the day.

All our goats are vacinated with Heptavac P, Blue Tongue and are regularily wormed.

At about eight months old the male Boer Goats go to the local abattoire. We sell either whole or half goats meat carcasses cut up to order. Young female Boer Goats are also available as breeding stock - Please contact us for details and availability.