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Welcome to the West Yorkshire Goats Meat site

We are based in Leeds, West Yorkshire and we supply Goats Meat and 100% Pedigree Boer Goats in and around the surrounding area.

Our Goat Meat is sold in half and full carcases which can be supplied whole or jointed.

If you are interested in buying our meat or you are looking to buy 100% Pedigree Boer Goats to start or add to a goat herd of your own please Contact Us for more details, check out the About Us page for more details.

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We are a member of the Boer Goat Society and we are and have been a member of the British Goats Society for over 24 years now.

We pride ourselves on breeding 'happy' outdoor naturally reared goats.

All our Goats are fully vaccinated including for blue tongue and all our animals are CAE Tested.

Please note: We do not supply Halal Goats Meat or live animals for meat.